Deck size recommendations

In a technical field what is too large of a deck? Also, what is too small of a deck? It seems that I’d a deck is too large without sub decks then there is too much info and you will never cover it all. If it is too small then the frequency of repeats is too often. Any advise on this?


Doubt there’s a definite answer. You could always move decks inside decks and study the top deck or sub-decks. Or move content from a large deck to a smaller deck.

Why should you be able to cover more content just because it’s split up in multiple decks? :thinking:

If you let Anki do its job, that doesn’t depend at all on the amount of cards.

Here’s the situation

There are thousands of FAA regulations for which I want to produce cards for my students.

Let me illustrate it this way.

Regs 1-200 everyone needs to know.
Regs 201- 400 at specific to private pilots so they need to know 1-400 and 1001- 1100
Regs 401-600 are for instrument pilots. They need 1-200 and 401-600
Regs 600- 1000 is specific to commercial pilots
Regs 1001-1100 everyone needs to know.

I’m struggling on how to set up the decks. I’m asking myself should I have separate decks for each group or maybe one deck with different sub decks. Etc.

Could I make one deck for each type of pilot but there would be Many duplicate cards In these decks. So maybe an instrument student downloads the instrument student deck which would include everything he needs for instrument studies. I don’t know.

What I don’t want to do is put in the effort to make cards only to find out I packaged them wrong. Which brings up this question.

Can I start making all the cards in one big deck, with tags, and come back later and create specialized decks or sub decks out of the master deck. Let’s say this master deck has 8000 cards. Can I use the tags (properly done) to select say the cards for private pilot study and make a new deck from those selected cards that meet the requirements for private pilot study. At least that way I can begin making cards and still have the option to come back later and arrange them the way I want.


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