Deck behavior changed - now passed cards are appearing in failed pile

I’ve used Anki for a long time without issue, but suddenly the behavior of my decks seems to have changed. (I messed around with some settings while trying to get a deck to show cards in random order, and I wonder if I accidentally changed a setting this way.)

Now when I pass a card with ‘hard’ or ‘good,’ it appears (when due) in the ‘failed’ pile. I thought it should appear in the ‘passed’ pile when it’s due if I didn’t rate it ‘again.’ What could cause this?

Additionally, I don’t seem to be getting many cards to appear in the passed pile of any deck. It seems like maybe some cards that I’d passed from before this issue happened are appearing in that pile, but not ones I’ve passed recently. I’m not sure about this but it seems like it might be the case.

What setting could I have changed? How can I get it back to normal? Thanks for any tips!

The red numbers are cards in (re)learning - it is not only cards you’ve used ‘again’ on. You’ve added a 30 minute learning step, so cards coming back in 30 minutes will be in that queue.

Thanks so much for the reply. I guess I was misunderstanding or had forgotten how that worked.

Appreciate the clarification!

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