"Days Learned" Seems Blatantly Incorrect?

Hello! I noticed a couple hours ago that for some reason, even though I’ve done my reviews every day and the streak still shows as normal, the “Days Learned” has plummeted from 100% to a mere 11%. I have a few theories for this, but I’m not entirely sure.

I did change my Regional Format from USA to Japanese, but that should only affect how everything appears on my computer; not anything to do with actually changing the time. I suppose I also added a new deck - the Grammar one in the middle there - but that’s about all I can think of.

Furthermore, the Daily Average has also taken something resembling a hit for no particular reason. I remember it being at 85 just earlier, but since this has happened, it has lowered to just 80.

I’m more just confused than anything else. The issue doesn’t seem to be affecting anything else, and I can study just fine. But I am curious how such a thing ended up happening is all. Much thanks for any help!

I forgot to post an image, here it is.

Hmm, that’s weird indeed. Could you perhaps post a screenshot of what your Fine tuning settings are set to in Review Heatmap’s options?


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Here they are. They look about the same as yours, from what I can tell?


Could you try changing the Ignore data before date to 2023/08/07 and let me know if that updates the Days learned percentage?

If not, does setting the History limit to e.g. 90 days change the Days learned count?

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Thank you so much, that seemed to work!

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