Can someone help me interpret the results from Anki Simulator?

I’m new to this plugin so my apologies if this is a silly question. I ran three simulations using the Anki Simulator plugin and only changed my max reviews per day across the simulations. I simulated 150 days for each. Below are the results.

Simulation 1 (100 reviews/day): 59% of deck matured by December 21
Simulation 2 (200 reviews/day): 60% of the deck matured by December 21
Simulation 3 (500 reviews/day): 36% of the deck matured by December 21

Just to make sure that I understand what this is saying, do these results indicate that in terms of my knowledge retention, 100 reviews/day is better than 500 reviews/day? And that 100 reviews/day is effectively the same as reviewing 200 reviews/day? Am I missing something? I have been doing 500 reviews/day for a while now, and it’s been taxing the fuck out of me. Are these results are indicating that cutting my reviews down to 100/day is better?

Thank you so much.