How to see effect of changed interval modifier

Hi everyone!

Today I reduced my interval modifier from 100% to 95% to increase retention. Of course, I expected that this would increase my future review load.

However, when went back to ‘Stats’ to view the green graph showing my future reviews, the number of daily reviews hadn’t changed - wondering why this is the case? I would like to see the effect of my interval modifier on future reviews to see what my review load would be like.

(Edit - just to clarify I already expanded the graph to ‘1 year’ to make sure it was showing review cards not just learning cards)


try using Anki Simulator - AnkiWeb to see the effects in short term and long term

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Deck Options are not retroactive, so I think (not 100% sure) that you should expect a slightn increase in your future reviews from now on, not immediately.


I read this and I passed.

How accurate is it? Anki Simulator was carefully written to closely match Anki’s scheduling algorithm. Because the add-on uses your actual cards, deck options and statistics, Anki Simulator is able to produce a personalized simulation. If you provide accurate variables, the simulator should do a good job of giving you a rough idea of your future workload. Obviously however, long-term outcomes rely on many factors that can’t be implemented in an add-on. The add-on takes some assumptions that may not be applicable in your situation: * It does not take into account pressing the ‘hard’ or ‘easy’ buttons. The simulator assumes that excluding them both should balance their effects out for a large part. (Also see: ‘Performance rates’ in the add-on manual)

  • It assumes that your retention rates are correct and will not change in the future, and are the same for every single card of a certain type (learning, lapse, young, mature), regardless of individual difficulty.
  • It assumes that no days are skipped.
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