Question about algorithm

I was just wondering what happens if I don’t look at my cards everyday? Should I change my interval setting? cos I feel that I’m not seeing cards enough, but that is probably because I don’t review everyday. Also my exams are in around a month


This may be related to your question:


To get a rough estimate of the review load for different deck options, you could use Anki Simulator - AnkiWeb.

It will help you find an appropriate amount of daily new cards.

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is it worth me updating to the new anki scheduler?

How do i use anki stimulator to know how many cards I need to learn before a certain date?

AFAIK here are no downsides to the v3 scheduler. It allows more fine tuning with extra options. AnkiDroid doesn’t support it yet, but you can sync the collection without issues.

There should be a YouTube tutorial by Glutanimate.

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