Anki simulator and FSRS

Hello I use Anki with FSRS scheduling this is my parameters
[0.6794, 0.9891, 5.1919, -0.7882, -0.6737, 0.0456, 1.3092, -0.1276, 0.7004, 1.7455, -0.4465, 0.5096, 0.6753],
“requestRetention”: 0.84,
“maximumInterval”: 180,
“easyBonus”: 1.3,
“hardInterval”: 1.2,

ok my deck is now 11526 cards and i will add around 5800 new cards to it (my calculations)
and my performance

so now i tried to use anki simulator add on I founded that 500 reviews per day is better than 1300 per day so now do the reviews in anki simulator conclude relearning or interday relearning (the cards that added to the next day)
what should i do now?
so now this deck i made the reviews 500
do the reveiws in anki simulator add on conclude the learning 476 cards?
sorry for my English

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