Please give me a advice!

Look at the graph. Is it stagnant?
I tried many times, but I don’t think I understand those cards.
The maximum review is set to 300, which is within the range of the review cards.
Could you tell me if there is any improvement plan?

スクリーンショット 2020-09-28 午後6.37.55 スクリーンショット 2020-09-28 午後6.38.04


Stagnation is caused by 90 day max interval. Judging by your Card Ease graph, it seems you are falling into ease hell for about half of the deck.


There are more variables that affect the learning. Some of them are:

  • Insufficient pre-learning phase; or lack of it. How to measure:

  • record the % of failed CARDS after 20m step.

  • Clicking Again on Overdue cards.

  • Not cancelling the Early review Bonuses ( add-on ).

  • Not cancelling Fuzz on small intervals.

  • Not using Dynamic New_Interval -%.

  • Learning too many Unseen cards in one batch.


Thank you for your advice! I will try to search solution somehow!

Thank you for your advice!
It was really wonderful but little difficult to understand for me.
I’ll try to search on my own. If I can’t figure out, could you simplify?

I did address every item on reddit ( in comments); just type
overview for dedu6ka
and go down the list. When you need more details - just ask by adding a comment on reddit.