D-Pad remapping on 8BitDo Zero2 in X-Input mode is ignored


My controller is configured in the following way:

While reviewing, I use 8Bitdo Zero 2 while holding it vertically. I connect it to iOS using X-Input mode while using D-Input for macOS. To help the understanding I mocked a graphic below:

Expected behavior

  1. I expect that pressing right shoulder (“R” above) the “User Action 4” will be executed.
  2. The same “User Action 4” should be executed when pressing arrow up (“4” above)
  3. Native left arrow (“3” above) should scroll the card down, as it makes sense when holding controller vertically.
  4. Native right arrow (“1” above) should scroll the card up.
  5. Native down arrow (“2” above) should do nothing.

Current behavior

  1. Right shoulder (“R” above) executes “User Action 4” correctly.
  2. Native arrow up (“4” above) scrolls card up.
  3. Native left arrow (“3” above) does nothing.
  4. Native right arrow (“1” above) does nothing.
  5. Native down arrow (“2” above) scrolls card down.


It seems like any remapping of d-pad of the controller on iOS (iPhone 15 Pro Max, 17.2.1) in AnkiMobile (23.12.1) has no effect.
Am I missing something here, or it’s a known limitation? If so, is there any workaround?

It sounds like your controller has the dpad configured to act like an analog thumbstick, which scrolls the card in AnkiMobile. If configured to send digital output instead (the on/off that a dpad sends), then it should work correctly.

You are 101% right - I didn’t think about it at all. I see that there are other people on the forum with this issue, and there were a few reddit threads I saw as well.

For 8BitDo Zero2 there’s a solution however. Zero2 does NOT work with “8BitDo Ultimate” software used to remap their controllers. However, there’s a way to switch the D-Pad mode:

  • Turn on the controller in X-Input mode (X + Start)
  • Press & hold combo until red led starts blinking:
    • Select + D-Pad Up => d-pad is in joystick hat mode (i.e. digital d-pad)
    • Select + D-Pad Left => d-pad emulates left analog joystick
    • Select + D-Pad Right => d-pad emulates right analog joystick
    • Select + D-Pad Down => swap A/B and X/Y… which is also actually needed so the labels in Anki match real buttons

Source: Reddit - Dive into anything => originally via 8BitDo support (Reddit - Dive into anything).

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