Unable to map 8bitdo

I recently purchased an 8bitdo controller but I’ve been unsuccessful at mapping it on AnkiMobile. No matter what I do, it keeps the same mapping (and for controls that I don’t even have mapped anywhere). Anyone else had the same issue and found a solution?

I only have experience with an 8bitdo zero. It needs to be set to Mac input mode, and the left pad should be configured as a digital controller.

k I’ll mess with it and see if there’s a way to alter that, thanks

For anyone else who comes looking, I found a solution but it doesn’t work with the D pad: How to Set Up The 8BitDo Controller for Anki in Medical School (MacOS)

Did you set the controller to a digital dpad?


Looked all over for instructions like that last night… thanks! I’ll test this out and report back

This worked. Thanks for finding that!

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