8BitDO Micro gamepad shortcut mapping for AnkiMobile

I’m running into an issue with Ankimobile with my 8BitDO micro game pad where the app does not recognize it as a game pad. The anki app does recognize the game pad as a keyboard though since the buttons are mapped to how it would be on a Mac. This is my current process for connecting the game pad:

Settings → General → game controllers → devices → connect

Is there another way to make Anki recognize the controller as a game pad or a way to change the keyboard shortcuts on anki so I could use the controller with its keyboard settings?

Ended up finding a workaround using 8bitDO’s app (in the iOS store) that allows you to map keys to each of the buttons. Ankimobile still uses the same default keyboard shortcuts as the desktop version so I just mapped the controller’s buttons to match those. Hope this helps anyone else that has similar issues!

If the controller is in MacOS mode, it should function like an xbox controller and the mappings inside AnkiMobile should work correctly. It sounds like you may have it in keyboard mode?

Set the controller to S mode and itlll work like dae said. you can map every button except the star and home button from what I have found.

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