Anki - game pad - switches/buttons not responding

I am currently using, 8bitdo zero 2 bluetooth controller, for review, on my iPad and iPhone, with iOS 15.

for setting in anki, I am able to assign 8 (out of total 12) keys, except 4 keys. These four keys are, up, down, right and left, of + button. Even after assigning the functions, they are not responding, as if they are dead.

I tried playing other games on iPhone and iPad, using same remote control, where I am able to use all 12 out of 12 buttons.

Is there any bug, or different settings required?


AnkiMobile currently only supports the “extended controller” profile, so I’m a bit surprised it works at all to be honest. How are you assigning the keys?

I do not know, whether my remote control is extended controller or not!. But with 8 assigned actions, it does pretty decent job (of anking while driving!! :sunglasses:). More working buttons, would be awesome, that is the reason I created a topic here.

Here is screenshot of my button mapping, on my iPhone.

I will see if I can get my hand on a controller like that to see what can be done, but please don’t use Anki while driving - even minor distractions can be dangerous.

Sure, you should try similar remote !!

And expected advice for anking while driving!! :slightly_smiling_face:
But I believe, I have very controlled environment to do anki while driving. It only needs same attention, as casual talk, with a friend, sitting next to you, and asking you the question ( listen to the anki question, and think of answer), and honking (pressing button on tiny remote)!! :upside_down_face:

I will not advice it, but I spend, atleast 2-2.5 hours on same road time on daily bases, since last 4 years, and I am fed up of radio, youtube, online lectures, news, audible, podcasts etc… so finally I reached here!, as a time utilising measure. :grimacing: and the experience is really awesome.