D pad is not working. Anyone Using GameSir X2 with AnkiMobile on iOS?

I recently purchased a GameSir X2 for my iPhone, which is MFi certified. I tested it in the Settings → Review → GamePads screen within AnkiMobile. As expected, when I press the A, B, X, and Y buttons, the corresponding “pressed” messages appear (e.g., “Pressed Y”). However, when I press the left arrow key on the D-pad, the message “:arrow_backward: pressed” does not pop up. The same goes for the right, up, and down arrow keys. Does anyone know how to configure this gamepad to make the D-pad work within AnkiMobile? Alternatively, is this gamepad incompatible with Anki? Any help would be appreciated.

In the setting interface, did you set the corresponding key to “Forbidden”?
You can add corresponding functions.
This is my setting, in which the “disabled” buttons will not work. :innocent:

Do the up and down buttons scroll the card during review? If so, that means the gamepad is sending analog directions instead of digital ones. Some gamepads let you customize this, but I have no experience with GameSir.

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Thank you for your hint. Actually, the analog stick on my gamepad does scroll up and down the screen in Anki, but the D-pad doesn’t. Therefore, I’m certain that the D-pad is not sending an analog signal, and I have no idea why it’s not working.

AnkiMobile receives events from iOS that tell it which button has been pressed. If the d-pad is not working, I’m afraid that seems to imply that either the controller or Apple’s mappings are not correct. GCExtendedGamepad | Apple Developer Documentation

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