Cycling through entire deck, learning steps not working


My steps for learning are: 0.5 1080 minutes

New cards: when I get a new card wrong, and press again, I see it 0.5. When I get it right, I see it in 1080 (the next day). No problems there.

Problem occurs: When I am being testing on my “1080” learning step the next day, and I get it wrong. Lets say I get card “A” wrong and hit again (0.5).

What happens: Instead of seeing card “A” in 0.5, I must attempt answering the entire deck before I see card “A” again. For a deck with 100 cards in it, that means looking at 99 other cards before returning to card A. Totally a bummer.

Caviots: This isn’t happening consistently. I actually have had it work perfectly for me. When everything works like it is supposed to (and the way I want it to) without this^^^ going on, I have no idea what I did differently.


I had variable success with shutting down computer each morning.

When I try to put “misbehaving decks” in a custom deck (Review ahead 1 day) it over-rides the “bug”. Whats classic is that some of these misbehaving cards will refuse to entire the custom deck. Example: 100 card deck → Review ahead 1 day (custom deck) and I will end up with a 70 card custom deck. There will be 30 cards left in the original deck (all doing the bug).

This totally puts a cramp in my Anki game at times and any help, suggestions, or thoughts are very welcome.

Intra-day learning cards are shown in the order they’re due. I’d recommend you increase the second step enough to ensure the cards are scheduled for the next day instead of later in the day, and it should avoid the issue.