Custom study deck becomes endless

  • Custom study
  • Review forgotten cards
  • Days to look back: 1
  • Deck is created with listing plausible list of counters above bottom button bar: e.g., 0 - 0 - 19
  • Error slot begins to increment at some point (this is random) even tho on the “good” button is always pressed (the “20m” buttom)
  • Eventually, only the error counter is non-zero: e.g., 0 - 8 - 0
  • The error counter will decrease and increase (apparently apparently randomly and apparently endlessly) as the “good” button is pressed. Never gets to zero.
  • Eventually, the custom deck has to be deleted.

Using AnkiMobile 23.10 on iTouch 7g running 15.7.9 (Long story, but I cannot upgrade to MacOS 16)

I see the same behavior on Ubuntu 22.04 running Anki Version ⁨23.10.1 (fac9e0ee)⁩

In trying to reproduce this, I created a Custom Study session to review forgotten cards on the desktop. After creating it, I looked at the options of the Custom Study Session filtered deck.

The configuration had default values of 1 min, 10 min, 0 min for Delay for Again, Delay for Hard, Delay for Good, respectively, and it informed that “0 = return card to original deck”. And there was no “Delay for Easy” in the options, but in the review screen the Easy button displayed (end), just like the Good button.

But then I synced and tried that same Custom Study session on iPhone, and now the increments displayed in the review screen were <1m, <2m, <2m, (end) instead.

Clicking on the gear wheel and Study Options on the iPhone brought up an Options for Custom Study screen that did not not offer Delay for Again, Delay for Hard, Delay for Good, just a single parameter: “Repeat failed cards after”, with a value of 1.

Cards won’t be returned until you use the Easy button on them. The next update will make this configurable, so that Good can remove them too.

Thanks for your replies.

Yes, Damien, that seems to be it. Sorry, it’s been a while since I looked over the dox. (I was kind of wondering what “” meant…)

Happy holidays.

That should read “what <end> meant”.

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