Hard/Good/Easy buttons show (end) - not during custom study

Using Anki 2.1.56 for MacOS. Username for Ankiweb is tribalsushi

I have a deck for Japanese sentences, and for some reason all the review cards are coming up with 5 minutes for the “Again” button (which is fine, that’s the interval I’ve set for lapsed cards), but the Hard/Good/Easy buttons all show “(end)”

I know this is normal during custom study, but I’m not doing custom study – this is just normal reviewing of an ordinary deck.

I keep being shown the same review cards over and over again – the number of cards to review at the bottom of the screen will slowly decrease for a few minutes while I’m reviewing, but then all of a sudden it will increase back to the same number of review cards due that I had when I started reviewing for the day.

edit: this is only happening on one of my decks (“Japanese Sentences”), I have another deck for Japanese vocabulary and I don’t have any problems with that one.

Please try again after updating to the latest release.

I upgraded to the latest version (anki-2.1.57-mac-intel-qt6) and it seems to be fixed! Thank you :slight_smile:

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