Glitch in Custom Study

Version: 2.0.65 (20065.3) iOS

Created custom study from a deck and selected Review ahead.

Search matches all 5 cards in deck.

Get message The selected options did not match any cards.

Empty Custom study deck is created.

The same behavior occurs when Cram seen cards or Preview all cards is selected.

This problematic behavior does not seem to be deck specific.

Expected behavior:

Have a Custom Study deck created with cards matching selected options.

Provided screen capture:

Thanks for the report, the “matched 5 cards” is wrong and I’ll fix this in the next update. If you want to include learning cards in a filtered deck, you’ll need to use the new scheduler.

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Apparently another glitch in Custom Study:

When selecting the custom study options two old tags, which have been deleted and the database manually updated, are pre-selected and I cannot remove the filter. Screenshot two shows the correct number of available tags, which is one called “neuekarte”.

Decks remember the last tags you used with them, even if those tags are no longer part of the tag list. While this could be improved, I imagine you could work around it for now by selecting a different tag and creating a new custom study, which should cause AnkiMobile to discard the previously remembered tags.