Custom Study showing “no tags available”


I am having a problem using ankimobile 2.0.79.

When I select custom study and then “preview all cards with certain tags” I cannot include or exclude tags, as shown below:

I checked this with a lot of friends. Seems to be a common problem.

I have also read other threads before posting this, so I will put the possible FAQ about this problem:

1 - Did you check you really have tags on the cards which you want to custom study?
A= Yes, I use this feature A lot and all my cards have tags.

2 - Do you have a filtered deck already created?
A= No. I want to build a new one.

3 - Did you try to unistall the app and reinstall?
A= Yes. It didn’t solve.

4 - Did you try another account or cell phone?
A= Yes. Same problem.

5 - Did you use “check database”, “empty cards”…?
A= Yes. Didn’t solve.

Please use the “Check Database” option in the Preferences screen. If that does not help, please let me know the deck you’re selecting when doing this, and I’ll try to reproduce the problem with a copy of your collection.