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AnkiMobile Beta mixes unrelated cards in custom study

AnkiMobile iOS 2007.5

I create a custom study deck including cards with specific tags, but sometimes cards from a different deck are included which don’t have any tags set (they don’t even have a tag field).

This only started with one of the recent betas, never seen this problem before.

Please let me know if the latest beta hasn’t fixed it.

Working fine now, thanks!

While testing I was reminded of another, much older bug: while learning a custom study deck, sometimes it seems that Anki gets “thrown off” when switching back and forth from another app during the study.

That is, I have cards which contain links to another app. While learning the custom deck, I tap on the link, and when I switch back to Anki something seems to change and unrelated cards suddenly show up (that don’t match the custom filter criteria). This happened even in older production versions.

I wouldn’t expect it to be showing cards from a different deck outside of the deck you selected. Is it possible you mean that a different card is shown instead of the one from before? Due to the way the current schedulers work, when the screen is refreshed it can result in a different card being shown, but the other card should come back again later.

No, it does show a card from a different deck. I have a custom deck filtering cards with the tags “ca” and “es” (Catalan/Spanish), and when I leave the app (home button) and return to it, sometimes I’m presented with an unrelated card (for example Portuguese). As I said, this has been the case for a while. I have the impression that it loses the custom session and switches back to the default deck.

Hmm, I can’t think of why that would happen, and can’t seem to trigger it here. I’ve made some other changes to that area of the code, so perhaps they will help - does the issue still exist in beta 6? If so, any further info you could provide on a way I can reproduce it would be helpful.

It hasn’t happened since the last beta, so something has changed there, thanks! However I haven’t used Anki heavily in the last few days, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

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