Tags not showing in Custom Study

I imported a deck and am trying to use the Custom Study feature to study them in the correct order. The deck already has tags. When I click on the deck > custom study > study by card state or tag > all cards in random order (don’t reschedule) and > Choose Tags, the Tag area is blank. I have tried Tools > Check Database to refresh.

And a screenshot of the deck with the dif1 - dif7 tags.

That’s strange, if you’ve choosen the right deck and you’re 100% sure that the cards have tags, they should appear there.

Try to use Tools > Create filtered deck instead, searching for “deck:your_deck tag:your_tag”

Custom study will only show tags relevant to the deck you’ve selected, so those tags are probably used by cards in a different deck.

It was the wrong deck like you mentioned. I have two similar decks I was working with. thanks for the help

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