A few cards never get “learned”?

This is probably another hard to diagnose. I have over three thousand notes in deck “Nederland.” A few, maybe one or two dozen, keep coming up frequently with the “easy” button set to four days. I tap that every time, but these can’t seem to ever get the spacing increased. Most of the cards I tap “easy” do advance and some that I remember seeing recently have gone to more than a year now.

Did you track those cards? What does it say in their info boxes? Could you rule out possible duplicates?

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Don’t know anything about “tracking” other than what is always on. Today I checked the info on several cards that have come up many times, always with the easy button set to four days. All of them said never reviewed and never lapsed. But other cards that are working as expected have info as expected. And there are no duplicates.

Tracking in the general sense, not anything specific.
For example, you could assign a certain flag whenever you see such a problematic card. At the same time, whenever you see a card flagged like this, check whether the interval is below the four days again.
Also, are you studying with custom decks?