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I love ANKI and it has done more to help my study of Biblical Hebrew than anything else. Here is my question as I am new to the forum:

I successfully created a CUSTOM STUDY set using the TAGS that I created to study one deck each day, rather than my usual where cards come depending on how well I have learned them. Yesterday, I did something correct because my cards did not show as unstudied in their regular deck. But today, they returned to their regular deck as if I had not studied them. The only thing I think I did differently, is I set the custom study the first day on my PC, and in today’s study, I set it up in my iPad. I probably did more than that incorrectly.

What I want is to learn how to set up a CUSTOM STUDY SESSION that I can re-study (all the cards with that TAG) on a daily basis, but that does not seem as if I did not study when I am finished with them.

Best wishes from Chile

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Hi @Gregorio! :wave:

I think you will find the answers to your questions in this section of the manual:

Sounds like a fun learning project. Good luck! :vulcan_salute:


Thanks so much, Andrew, for trying to help me as well as the kind words about my learning efforts. I still need help, after reviewing those instructions, as I do not know how I inadvertently disabled the rescheduling, or if that is what I did. Sorry, although I have been using ANKI for several years now, I do not understand the functions very well. I am including a screenshot so you can see my problem. Thanks so much.

Note the END Good option rather than an option that does not show END, which is giving me the problem. Did I give enough background information? Thanks

UPDATE: Andrew, I am now more confused than ever. This time the (end) Good function did exactly what I wanted. It permitted me to go through the part of the deck I wanted to review daily and then DID NOT ADD them to the undone work. I am trying really hard to find out what I did right this time. Wish I understood so it is not a guess game. Thanks for your patience.

SECOND UPDATE. I think the mystery might just be solved. But I will check a few more days before I call it solved. I think what I have to do is choose the option DON’T RESCHEDULE when I create my CUSTOM STUDY SESSION. Thanks, Andrew.

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THIRD UPDATE. It seems that my problem is setting up my cards for review the day before. I will try waiting until after midnight and see if that solves it. Thanks for listening.

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