Custom insertion order for new cards

I don’t think that, at the moment, there is a way to do this. If so, please let me know:

In my opinion, there are a lot of situations in which it is useful to see cards in a logical order when first learning them. This especially applies to complex topics like medicine, etc. For me, it helps introducing cards in a way, that depicts correlations between cards.
Therefore, I think it would be really need to have the option of defining a insertion order for new cards. I picture a functionality in which you, in the browser, could drag and drop cards in a certain order, which would than be used as the order of new cards. This may be realised by a extra property for every card, which indicates the position in the respective sub-deck. That way, you could sort every subdeck on its own. Insertion of new cards would than follow the structure of “1. subdeck → 2. subdeck → …”, showing the cards of every subdeck in the given order.

I hope it was able to make clear, what I have in mind. I have no clue how complicated or impossible this might be, but I would love to see this feature in the future! :slight_smile:

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I guess Anki already has this (The “New #n” label shown in the due browser column)?
You can use Cards > Reposition to reorder cards, but that would be inconvenient if you want fine-tuned control.

Another option is to add a new sort field to your notes, something like “Position” that you can sort by in the browser and then use Cards > Reposition.


That would be an (inconvenient) option for sorting your own cards one time before review.
What I suggest implies a more “robust” method, which will also be useable with “forgeting cards” and exporting cards without scheduling information, in regards to sharing decks. The property therefore should be separate of the due status.
The main usecase I have in mind is editing existing and adding new cards to an existing deck, bringing those cards in the right order and than beeing able to export those cards in that order for other people to use.

I use the duplicate and reorder add on, I duplicate the card where I want it inserted and then put the new text and info in.

Thanks for sharing! This could be useful if you know the order of the cards when adding them. Never the less, creating all cards, bringing them in order and then duplicating them to “save” this order is quite laborious and would not work well with “updating addons” like CrowdAnki, as all cards would be treated as new after export.

This is a known limitation, and will probably be fixed in the future.