Feature Request - Add Insertion Order: "newest cards first"

I’ve been using Anki to learn French vocabulary for a few months, and I love it. Thank you to all the devs!

One feature I would love is:

Insertion order: “Sequential (newest cards first)”

It seems that this would let me see new cards with more space in between, and so I may remember them even better.

Thank you!

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The v3 scheduler has an option to show latest added first:

Hi @dae would it be possible to add this feature for the v2 scheduler? Unfortunately, I am not able to switch to the v3 scheduler as some of the addons I rely on do not work with the v3 scheduler, and these addons will most likely never be ported to the v3 scheduler due to the removal of monkey patching and current lack of support to change how the v3 scheduler works (some of these addons change a lot of the v2 scheduler code).

Currently, the only way to have the insertion order with “sequential (newest cards first)” with the v2 scheduler is to open the card browser, select the deck, sort by due date, select all the new cards, right click and click “reposition” (default settings are good. Start position = 0, step = 1, randomize order unchecked and shift position of existing cards unchecked), then learn your daily number of cards, and then go back into your card browser and reposition the cards so that they are back in “oldest cards first” order so that when you add new cards, the ordering isn’t messed up. While this workaround exists, it’s a pretty tedious process to do every single day.

I hope adding support for v2 isn’t too big of an ask. Thanks in advance!

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Thanks Dae. I enabled the v3 scheduler, but it took me a few minutes to figure out how to enable this setting. The Deck options under New Cards > Insertion Order remained the same.

Under Display Order, I changed the setting “New/review order” to “Show before reviews” and this gave me the behavior I was looking for.

I like seeing my new cards in the beginning of my review sessions.

Thanks to all the devs that created the v3 scheduler! I like it so far. :slight_smile:

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v2 is unlikely to receive any further updates.