Custom Delimiter for Deck Import

I installed the latest Win10 version, 2.1.57, and when I try to import a deck from a .txt file, the option to enter a delimiter is not available, only the 6 in the pulldown, which doesn’t include an “=”. The import interface seems to have changed from older versions where I can enter my own delimiter. I installed 2.1.54 instead. Note: this is my first use of Anki, so maybe I just don’t know what I’m doing…

This feature was removed in the newer versions. I believe the reasoning was that it was not worth the additional complexity or there is no big use case for custom delimiters.

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ok, thanks! I’m taking an Italian Learning class and the .txt file w/ the flash card data is Italian word/phrase = English word/phrase. I’ll use a global replace to change the = to :. Seems like Flash Cards would often be A = B and including = in the list of static delimiters would be easy enough, not as a custom/user-defined entry.

Thanks for the quick response!


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