Importing CSV deck

I’m having problems importing decks into ANKI PC version from an Excel .xlxs file.

I understand that one can import a simple deck using a UTF-8 Comma delimited CSV file that in Wordpad text editor looks like “Q”,“A”

When I save as UTF-8 Comma delimited CSV from an Excel file where the first column contains “Q” and the second contains “A” (i.e. both text strings are in quotes) the CSV file looks like this in Wordpad: “”“Q”“”,“”“A”“”

The resulting card in ANKI has text in single quotes, but I want it without quotes.

If I remove the quotes in the Excel file the resulting UTF-8 Comma delimited CSV file has no quotes when displayed by Wordpad, and seems to import OK into ANKI, but never appears in the list of decks.

Am I missing something?

Have you tried searching for the text in the Browse screen? Perhaps you’ve hit the daily limit.

Thanks. I got a bit muddled there. It’s OK now


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