Custom separator on import

it seems this used to be a thing in older versions of Anki:

I would for example like to use a custom separator like /N/N/ because commas, semicolons tabs… and pretty much all of the separators are already in the fields I want to import to different fields…

I think there should also be a custom separator for each field and between each card as well… As I am only able to get the first card converted, but the rest are not properly separated by pipe or semicolon

“it adds complexity to the UI” is a strange reason…
Especially when it seems like it used to be possible in older versions

That is why Windows 11 is so much worse than Windows 10, they tried to “simplify” the UI by removing useful features. :frowning:

Kind regards, Medbooster

However, I see that there might have been some error issues, which makes it more understandable.
Quoting Dae from the Github thread:
The extension requirement is so that Anki can identify what type of file is being imported. The previous approach lead to confusing errors when users tried to import unsupported file types, as Anki was trying to import them as a CSV.

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