Field separators and tags

Hello all,

New to Anki here and totally loving it.

I have a question about field separators and tags. I have created a deck in MS Excel that I would like to convert to csv and import into Anki Desktop. I currently have tags specified on the first line of the file and that works well. The text that I am importing currently has commas that I cannot avoid.

The support documentation for importing text files states that one can specify a custom field separator by typing it into the first line.

Considering that I am also specifying tags as per the documentation for tags, what does this mean when it comes to specifying both together?

Do I specify the field separator on the first line of the file, followed by tags on the second or vice versa? like so…
tags tag1 tag2

Or do I specify both of them on the same line? like so…
;tags tag1 tag2


maybe this video can help about doing cards using ms excel, Create Anki Cards Quickly using CSV - YouTube

If the first (non-tags) line contains something like “field1;field2”, Anki will use a semicolon as the separator. Likewise for comma, etc.

Thanks all!! I found my solution in the video provided by @NameLessGO. Basically since my text contained commas that I could not avoid or replace, I needed to use a different delimiter. I saved the files as tab delimited and Anki did the rest.