How do you change the default "Fields separated by"

Whenever I import a set of flashcards from ReadLang, I have to remember to change the “Field separated by: colon” to \t (tab). Is there a way to make this change permanent? The colon delimiter is the default, but I’m thinking that there must be a way to make tab the default.

Screen shot:

AFAIK, Anki tries to detect the delimiter used in the file and selects it by default. it’s probably failing to detect the delimiter you have in mind in this case.

When I export, I set the tab delimiter. Is there no way to correct the Anki’s failure to detect the delimiter correctly? Or to override the failure to do so?

Screen Shot:

If you try setting to an other delimiter, does Anki pick up on its own?

If I try setting to another delimiter, I get a change to comma. I tried “semicolon” and “other” with a \t.

It is stuck now on the comma.

As you appear to be only exporting a single field, it doesn’t matter which delimiter you select, as none will be used. Anki then sees the comma in the sentence and assumes that’s the separator. Presumably it will work if you export more than one field.

The cloze formating gets messed up if I don’t manually change to \t (tab) so the delimiter does matter even if it is only one field.
Screen shot without manual change:

Scrren shot after manually setting the tab delimiter:

I guess I will just have to set it each time. Thanks all for your help.