Could Anki Desktop for Mac be smarter about .tsv files?

A (hopefully) simple feature request that would save me a ton of time.

My flash cards sometimes include commas, so I create and import them as tab-separated files with a .tsv extension.

The MacOS open dialog in Anki Desktop for MacOS opens it as “values separated by tabs or semicolons” (with “*” as the file extension).

The Anki import dialog box then defaults to a comma as a separator, which means I have to change it manually every time by changing it to “/t”, which is not super intuitive for every user.

Is there a way to tweak the dialog box so it recognises a .tsv file extension (the standard extension I get when I export from my spreadsheet app) and fills in the field separator with a tab instead of a comma?

I don’t know if this would also affect clients on other platforms.

I believe it should already be favoring tabs if you enable the new importing code in the preferences screen.