Create poem deck in "type in answer" mode, without showing the other answers?


I’d like to create a poem deck for the Persian Language. Some poems are short (include 10 words), and some of them are longer (30 words) like this in the Persian Language:

مرتبـه ی شـمع نگردید پَسـت گرچه که از دوده فُرو تر نشست خَس نشود کس به زبر دست کس آب همان است و همان است خَس

It’s not important the poem writes in what languages, just the thing I wish Anki creates for me is; it doens’t discover and show the rest of the answers in the whole poem line(s) when I see the whole poem line(s). for example, see the bold text in the below poem :

مرتبـه ی شـمع نگردید پَسـت گرچه که از دوده فُرو تر نشست خَس نشود کس به زبر دست کس آب همان است و همان است خَس

I’d like to see the whole line(s) of the poem when I click the “Study Now” button of the deck, but not the bold words, and type one by one from first to the end. I’ve tried the default “type in answers” mode/note type, not only it shows the rest answers (bold words that I’d like to be hidden), also I can’t give an answer to the rest and just type the first answer.

What can I do for this situation and Is there a specific deck for this kind of “type in answer” mode?

If I break a line of the poem to create some questions/answers, it’ll be confusing and loses rhythm while I reading, so can’t focus the remember the rest.

Currently, I can’t create the favorite deck for the poem and don’t know what to do. It needs to show the whole poem like many languages, without showing the answers that I select to be hidden and type them one by one as I go further and read. I guess it’s a little complicated for Anki and maybe it can’t create it. If the answer is yes, what options are left for me to create my poem deck as I expect and described to start memorizing my favorite poems?


I think that you can partially achieve this with the add-on Fill the blanks - Multiple type:cloze support.

I’d recommend you the add-on Auto scroll to cloze as well, but it seems that the author deleted it from Anki Web. You can take a look on this post, though, see if it suits what you want and maybe try to get access to the add-on with its author.

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Yeah, I deleted it as I found it way too specific and I didn’t have time to properly generalise it. I’ll certainly come back to it and reupload a more useful version when I have more time again.

I installed and change the template as it’s said on its page, but still, the highlighted words (blue colors) I’ve applied “cloze deletion” to them are showed in the whole line, while I need all words I chose and apply “cloze deletion” be hidden to not see them until I guess and give the answer and fill the blank fields.
As you see below; just the first item (word) is hidden and the rest (blue ones) are visible and I can see the answers! I’d like the empty fields present for all words that I should give answers to them and don’t show until I fill them with the correct answers.
Also, I find out something wrong with this add-on. I type the correct answer, but it is highlighted in red color as wrong and tells me I should two paratheses before and after the answer!?! while for another one without two unknown parentheses, it shows correctly. I didn’t use any parentheses for my words (only words, without any extra signs or symbols).
Maybe this add-on doesn’t work properly with Persian Language or need a thing that I don’t know.