Copycat Importer (AnkiApp/AnkiPro)

I can’t reproduce the issue with my account. Maybe it depends on the account or is totally random. I can look into it more if you’re willing to share your login credentials with me privately.

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No tags are in the file you sent me. Maybe AnkiApp doesn’t include them in XML exports. Tags are imported when using the “Data folder” and “Database files” options, but you might have different issues with them.

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Yes please! How can i share my log in details to the ankipro? Or dor ankiweb? Thanks in advance

I only need access to your AnkiPro account. Click on my profile picture to see my email.

Thank you. I’m sorry, for the late response, I’ve sent the login

@Zara3 I added a workaround for this. Install this Chrome extension and follow the instructions after updating the Anki add-on:


Hello abdo, i’m sorry to bother you but i’ve got an issue to import decks from ankiapp.

all my decks are downloaded on my computer but i can’t import them with the Data folder or Database files method.


" No cards were found in your AnkiApp database. Before using this add-on, please make sure you’ve downloaded the decks on your AnkiApp account by clicking on the Download button shown when you select a deck in AnkiApp. "

thank you

If you’re sure the decks are downloaded locally and the alternative XML option doesn’t work for you, you can upload the database file and I’ll take a look:

I uploaded my ankipro flashcards using the copycat importer, but the pictures are not loading, making the flashcards useless. Is there a way to fix this issue?

Thank you! this is the database file :
gofile. io /d/keFJgO

Have a good day

Are the pictures appearing on AnkiPro? You should at least get an error if media download fails for some reason, so not sure what’s the issue.

The database file is empty for some reason. I’ll keep an eye on more reports of the issue.
I suggest trying the XML method for now, as it’s more stable.

Thank you! I tried the XML method but I can’t save decks from Opera. it’s greyed.
I use the desktop version of AnkiApp 9.2.1 btw :wink:

Yes, they are. I didn’t get any error messages. The flashcards simply don’t display pictures. I think I’ll be stuck with ankipro until I can convince my friends to come to anki. Thanks for your help though!

@Vincent See the workarounds mentioned under the XML zips section in the add-on’s page.

@ezracat If you’re willing to share your AnkiPro login credentials, I can look more into the issue.