Converting a bunch of csvs into a study deck

I have a number of csvs each of which contains say 1,500-3,000 questions and answers.

Importing the csvs and turning them into flashcards is intuitive. I have done so with the first csv and don’t anticipate having problems with the others. It’s what comes next that I want help with. Each card falls into one of three categories.

When I review one of the csv files it is likely that over half of them I wouldn’t want to see again. Most of this would be because it’s material I already know well, some of it is because the information is out of date or I consider it too obscure.

The second category are cards I may be interested in viewing in the future, but not for a while. I probably find them too difficult for my current purposes by may want to revisit them in the future - perhaps in three months time.

The third category are the cards I’d like anki to test me on over the next two to three months. I would guess 20% of the cards from a given csv would fall in this category.

I anticipate I will have enough time to do this initial assessment of one csv file in one or two days. The aim is that at the end of it I’ll be able to pool the ~20% of cards from 1.csv with the 20% of cards from 2.csv etc. into one big deck and work away at that.

I may want to classify the cards as “chemistry”, “biology” etc. at some point but for now the may priority is cycling through the csvs to sift out the 20% that I want to prioritise.

I have anki installed with all of the defaults, also happy for suggestions on how to change those.

Thank you!

Can you be more specific about what you want us to help with?

If you want to classify the cards, you can import everything as usual. Then switch to the browser view and switch back and forth between the notes with the arrow keys. With Ctrl + 1, ... (Windows) or cmd + 1 ... (Mac) you can then assign different tags (according to your categorisation). At the end you can move the selected cards to decks, tag them, etc.

I think you could also tag them in the csv, by writing the tags separated by a space in the last column of the csv after all the fields, so rows should look like (Field1, Field2, tags).
You could also go through them in the browser, and Toggle Suspend (Ctrl+J) so they wont be shown until you unsuspend them.

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