Any way to do json to card converter, and also is there a way to do tree visualization for card categories, and browsing cards?

The ideas are

  • A way to import, or convert JSON notes to cards, and split them by categories, but have cards with the same number correlated somehow.
  • Tree visualizer, that is browseable
    Hi, new to Anki. This is an abstract, and not exact idea, for a “feature”, or approach to doing flashcards, that I really want to hear comments on from enthusiasts of non-vanilla anki use.
    Here’s the context:
    I’ve been collecting keywords by chapter, studying for a really big exam. A separate category of notes I collected is called Study Tips, and I might add a Case-Study category.
    Now… All these are numbered, and labeled by which chapter they appear in, and in what order.
    For example chapter 3 keywords, study tips, etc would look like this:
kw 100 ch3.1
kw 101 ch3.1
kw 102 ch3.1
kw 103 ch3.2
kw 104 ch3.2
study tip approx 103
study tip approx 104

So study tips are correlated to the keywords approximately, due to the fact that they are not study tips about the keywords, but about the context of the chapter. I’ve done it this way, cause I can’t think of another way to mark the location of the study tip, other than by chapter, AND sometimes the study tip DOES correlate with the keyword, so it would be nice to some time later (e.g. during tree visualization) to somehow see them close to each-other (especially in a cluster, like weighted importance relative to eachother), or have them more likely pop-up close to each other as Anki flashcards.

Any ideas? I have my keywords as json files, and their schemas are as consistent as I could make them, but there are several categories, so a flat 1 dimensional anki flashdeck is … idk.

For json <-> anki cards take a look at CrowdAnki: JSON export&import. Edit history. Collaborate on deck creation. - AnkiWeb

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Gracias, what do you think of the visualization idea?

I’m not sure I completely understand your use-case. Maybe someone else could help you.