Combining cards from decks without creating confusion

I am using Anki daily for learning Arabic and it is great.


I am building my own deck which is great but rather time consuming

I have purchased a commercial deck which includes audio, however, the commercial deck does not include everything I need so it is not practical to just work with a sub deck of the commercial.

What I would like

  • I know I could create a sub deck of the commercial deck and a sub deck of my deck and then study them one after the other but this is not an attractive solution.

  • To create a new deck which draws from both my deck and the commercial deck. I understand that combining different card types is not a problem.

  • To avoid using an add-on unless it is bullet proof, I am not a tech genius and worried about messing it all up. The compatibility issues make my brain cave-in, especially as I actively use Mac / iPad / iPh to study.

  • If the only way of making duplicate cards is to use add-ons I would be happy to just move cards out of my deck and out of the commercial deck into a deck of high priority stuff that I just need this week…. providing that I can easily return cards to their original decks with an in-built function - obviously don’t want to mess up original source decks long term.

Any help much appreciated.

You can create a common parent deck for both decks and study that. Is there any reason you can’t do that?


Thank you for this.

So having created a parent deck for MyDeck and CommercialDeck* and given that I want to work mainly on cards in MyDeck but add cards from a CommercialDeck from time to time (which also contains audio) I could just tag all my cards and the target cards from commercial deck with and then create a filtered deck?

Is it possible to have sub sub decks as I already have a couple of sub-decks in MyDeck?

Is there any issue with confusing the algorithm as I would never actually use the parent deck directly only the filtered deck?

CommercialDeck has 9,000 cards hence why I don’t want to work with the whole thing.

Can you add cards directly to a filtered deck?

If not I suppose I would have to create a new filtered deck every time I added cards to MyDeck or tagged more cards from CommercialDeck? But would that not then forget the learnt status of all my cards and I would be starting from zero again and having to review elementary stuff all over again?

Thanks again

The whole point of the parent deck is that you don’t have to create a filtered deck, which you would have to rebuild each day.
If you want to introduce a fixed amount of cards from the commercial deck each day, just set this deck’s new card limit accordingly. If you only want to study handpicked cards from that deck, suspend all of its cards in the browser, then unsuspend whenever and whichever cards you decide to study from it.
In both cases, always study the parent deck.


No. But as explained above, you probably don’t want a filtered deck.


You can “rebuild” an existing filtered deck from its deck options, emptying it and refilling it with new cards according to its filters.
Scheduling information is attached to cards and does not change when a card is moved between decks.


Suspending all but a few of the GiganticCommercialDeck cards sounds like a great approach.

Really interesting to know that study info goes with card independently.

I hope to implement these solutions later.

You are advancing my Anki understanding with all this high calibre info thank you.

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Yes it works. Takes Anki to a new level of usefulness for me.