Anki deck mixing cards together from different decks

I have several decks in my Anki. One MCAT deck, one Miles Down deck, and one other deck. These decks are not subdecks of each other, they are each separate. In my MCAT deck, I created new sundecks for biochemistry and made cards for the amino acids. When I finished the cards and started to study them in that specific subdeck, I noticed that it was showing me cards from the miles down deck even though they are unrelated. im not sure how to stop it.

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Are you absolutely sure that the mixed cards actually belong to different, separate decks? (You can check it on browser > deck)

Sometimes, when creating new cards is easy to add them in the wrong deck without realizing it.

I am 1000% sure. The other decks, I downloaded and didn’t make myself.
I checked my deck under browse, and one of the cards there is not from the ones I created; it is from one of the downloaded decks… I have no idea how they are mixing like this.

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I have the same problem as eli-hammer. If anybody has resolved the issue, I’d appreciate any help you could give me.