Merging decks and retaining control over individual decks

Hi, in order to be precise I will first state where I am and then where I want to go with my decks:

Where I am

I am trying to learn some german vocabulary with a set of decks that I created.

I created decks by sorting alphabetically and also by word category (nouns, verbs, adjectives, and so on)
The list of decks looks like something like this:

German Nouns - A
German Nouns - B

German Nouns - Z

Since there are 1000+ entries, I decided that I would like to impose a small number new cards per day, for each deck. This way, I would be able to learn 3 words from each deck every day. This approach has left me with an awful lot of decks and annoyingly short sessions.

Therefore, instead of having several decks I would like to have one deck called German Nouns. I tried merging several decks by dragging on deck onto another. I would get this “Super” deck containing all nouns but now, the small number of cards per day is now applied to all cards in this new deck.

Instead of being able to learn 3 differents words per alphabet letter I would only get 3 of a the A deck, and thats the end of the review. I tried increasing the new cards per day limit, but naturally this didn’t really help since It only increased the amount of cards to learn from the A deck.

Where I want to go
I would like to be able to study with this new “Super” deck and also to be able to learn a given number of cards from each of the decks that make up said deck.

I am not sure if anki is meant to be used this way. I also tried with the ‘Filtered’ deck but had no success.

You can set the subdecks to use a new options group that has a new card limit of 3, and set the parent deck to a different group that has a greater limit (like 9 if you want to study new cards from A, B, and C).

See Anki Manual for details on option groups.