Changing Basic to Cloze without loosing learning progres

Hi Damien,

I’ve been using on my iPhone a deck with a field “Example” for quite a while. Front only listening. Back only reading.

Now I wanted to change this deck in a Cloze deck without loosing my learning progress for the already learned cards.

Therefore I copied “Example” into a newly created field “More”, which I can use for new clozes, while reviewing.

Then I added into the original field “Example” “{{c1::” before and “}}” after, and added to the front and back template “{{cloze::Example}}” and “{{cloze::More}}”. And I added the cloze styling in CSS.

Now everything seems to work as expected:

With “Example” the already learned cards (now c1) have only the audio for the whole entry on Front and only the text for the whole entry on Back. Thereby keeping the learning progress.

And I can create more cloze cards for individual words in “More”.


On the Mac I have in the browser this error message: “! Cloze deletion can only used on cloze notetypes.”

As it seems to work, what does it mean and can I ignore it?


Cloze notetypes are special, and can’t be created by editing a Basic notetype. You’ll need to add a new Cloze notetype, modify it to add/rename any fields to fit the shape of your current notetype, and then use the Change Notetype action to move the existing cards to the new type. That will preserve the scheduling data, and the error will go away.

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Great. Thanks.