Why use the Basic Note Type when you can use Cloze?

I don’t remember the last time I created a card that didn’t use the Cloze note type. And I can’t think of any use case where the Basic, front-back type of card can do something that a Cloze card can’t.

About 50% of my cards could be created with the Basic note type. Instead, I just select everything that would go into the “back” field and turn it into a cloze, using a quick keyboard shortcut. That way, I don’t have to bother about switching note types all the time.

I wonder if I am the only one here.

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I am also trying to use cloze note types only and also just delete the answer if it’s a QA type card.

My impressions so far are it may be preferred by some to stick to the Basic Note type because those are already hard to formulate as is. It seems the cloze note type allows you to shoot yourself in the foot much more easily which only compounds the inherent difficulty in prompt formulation.

I do still believe though that if you’re willing to be vigilant and focus on formulating notes well it can be worth it for the extra flexibility they offer. That said, I might also be careful about recommending it to beginners because experience shows that many people simply copy paste and haphazardly decide on cloze deletions.

Cloze has 6 times more cards than Basic in my collection. However an significant reason that I’m still using Basic is that Cloze can’t distinguish question and answer clearly. Though you could add <hr> manually, I’ll never do that since I consider that it should be done in Style instead of in field if it’s common.

That also depends on how you create them. As I mentioned, above it’s a lot easier to shoot yourself in the foot, and in my opinion creating a lot of clozes in a single note is one way to do so.

I believe that restricting how many clozes you use in a single note is probably preferred, but maybe other cloze users can chime in since it’s only my experience so far and that experience is limited.

Basic note is useful for when importing language learning lists as .csv, not sure if it is common anymore

Some language learning add-ons uses basics with more fields to fill with example, image, audio…

Cloze is simply awesome, I enjoy using Enhanced Cloze (for Anki 2.1) + Sidebar table

There are a couple more “companions” add-ons in Flexible cloze 2 if you want to check out


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