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Change note type -> anki for mac 2.1.45 crash

When I try to change note type anki crashes most of the time. This is the case even if I just change the note type to a copy of the same type (created via note type management). I just upgraded to anki 2.1.45 on a mac powerbook running osx catalina. osx provides crash
information that I can provide if that would help. Also: I upgraded from 2.1.35 (? maybe 2.1.42) where I had no such problem. I don’t have any anki addons installed.


Please click on Report and then paste the text here.

The report exceeds the limit of these replies. Is there a way to attach it?

You may use or

Thanks. Here’s a link (expires in 1 week):

It seems to be related to accessibility. Do you have any accessibility features enabled in the system preferences, or any apps listed in the accessibility section of security&privacy?

I have enabled: “Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom”, “speak selected text” on option-esc (which doesn’t work on displayed anki cards: It speaks the whole card instead of just the selected bits), accessibility keyboard is enabled (multiple languages). Apps enabled for accessibility
in security&privacy are: Anki, Aquamacs, VirtualBox VMware Fusion, VLC, and com.wacom.IOManager.

It seems to be connected to the accessibility keyboard - while waiting for the toolkit to fix this issue, turning off the keyboard seems to work around the problem.

Turning off the accessibility keyboard while using anki works and is a useable workaround for me. Thanks for tracking it down.

This ‘Accessibility keyboard’ fix, is Not working in my case!!
Accessibility keyboard, is and was turned off in my mac. Still I am experiencing the issue.

It was present in Mac version 2.1.45 and still present in 2.1.46. Though it is not persistent, many times it crashes.

Maybe you have some other accessibility feature enabled, or are using some other utility that makes use of the accessibility API.