Anki is crashing after updating to 23.12 on mac

It is fine while doing cards, but it is immediately getting crashing down when Iam going to preferences or browse.

Others have been reporting this, here is the main thread: Anki-23.12-mac-apple-qt6.dmg crashing on browser

Because 23.12 is very new, there isn’t a fix yet. Maybe try downgrading to version 23.10.1 and see if that works for you.


Switching to the qt5 version of 23.12 should fix it for now.

I switched to Intel qt5 version, but the shortcuts are not working !!

I’m having the same issues with crashing on 23.12

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23.12 upgraded to using PyQt 6.6.1, and I believe that’s the culprit for the Mac issues.

So you’d have to either try the Qt5 version, downgrade to 23.10.1, or wait for Qt 6.6.2 to come out, which is supposedly due on January 17 unless they issue some emergency fix sooner.

I can confirm that the “Intel, 23.12 Qt6 - Version” also crashes, if I’m going to preferences or browse.

I us MacOS 13.6.3 (22G436) on a MacBook 16inch form 2019.

After the first crash, I didn’t see a crash report again. So, sadly I can’t send a crash report.

I have the same problem and it’s annoying. A work around I’ve found is that whenever the app crashes, open it up again and go to preferences. Then click reset window sizes and click ok. Should fix the problem which most likely has to do with resizing the windows.

There are two separate issues here. One causes crashes when opening the preferences or browser screen, and is caused by accessibility features. Downgrading to Qt5 is the only way to fix that for now.

The other issue is a bug in the toolkit to do with window positions, and the reset window sizes button in the preferences screen will fix it. But for users affected by the first issue, opening the preferences screen will just crash.

TL;DR: Anki still crashes with the fix when maximizing the browser window.

Thanks for the fix! :pray: That solved the major issue of not being able to access the browser at all.

I still got a crash with the hotfix though, and could reproduce it: Open browser, then change the browser window size (both maximizing and dragging window size using the mouse).

Version <U+2068>23.12.1 (1a1d4d54)<U+2069>
Python 3.9.15 Qt 6.5.3 PyQt 6.5.3

macOS Sonoma, Version 14.1.2 (23B92)

I’m afraid I can’t reproduce this. Did you try disabling all add-ons?

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