Cards stuck in learning phase after hitting good for over 5 days in a row consistently with learning steps at 25m 1 d

I am having this issue where I have learning cards stuck in the learning phase after hitting good on them for three days straight. This is adding a lot of cards for me and I have no clue why this is happening when I have the recommended setting that Anking gave for med students. Any help in how to fix this issue so that when I hit good for the first time for the card, the second time when I hit good should be three days would be greatly appreciated!
I have over 300 cards like this that won’t leave the learning phase.

I have V3 on.
Learning steps: 25m 1d
Graduating interval: 3
Easy interval: 4
Relearning steps: 10m 1 d
Minimum interval: 1
Leech threshold:8

Maximum interval: 36500
Starting ease: 2.50
Easy bonus: 1.30
Interval modifier: 1.00
Hard interval: 1.20
New interval: 0.20

Add ons that I have:
Advanced Browser
Colorful Tags Hierachical Tags
Customize Keyboard shortcuts
Edit field during review cloze
extended tag addedit dialog
high yield tags
life drain
review heatmap
True retention by card maturity simplified

Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 3.09.33 PM
Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 3.09.27 PM
Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 3.09.23 PM

Here are some other cards that have the same issue. Some cards have gone up to 8 days of hitting good consistently for 8 days in a row until the graduated.

Your deck options seems to indicate v3 is off - did you change the settings between the different screenshots? Please make sure it is enabled, and see if the issue continues after updating to the latest Anki version and experimenting with disabling add-ons.

Hello, my V3 has been on the entire time and I have not turned it off between screenshots. I tried disabling add on and it seems that the issue still continues. I did change my setting temporarily to learning steps being 3m and 15m which seemed to fix the issue. So I thought that the problem was fixed and switched back to the 25m and 1d setting, and the same issue persisted.

Is there a way I can see to find learning steps I had inputted for these card in anki to see if that could be the issue?

Could you sync your collection to AnkiWeb so I can take a look?

Hello Dae, I uploaded my anki deck from my computer to ankiweb. Is there anything else I would need to do after the sync is complete? Also I noticed that when I temporarily changed my deck setting to have my learning at 3m and 15m, with my graduating interval at 1 day and easy interval at 4 days seemed to fix the issue. But the problem is here that this takes more time to do new learning cards when I have a lot of other material to study for. That is why I would like to have the 25 min and 1d setting with grad interval 3 days and easy interval at 4 days since it’s much more efficient. Again, thank you so much for taking the time to help me out with this issue!

So I noticed that yesterday I created two new option study ways that have different learning, graduating, and easy intervals. When I click to change the option for a current open card, it asks me to change the options for two tags for that card. I am not sure what this means and why it is asking me to change two different options instead of just one? Maybe this may help with solving the issue.

I got rid of the other options settings now.

I suspect you changed the number of learning steps while cards were in learning, which can cause steps to be repeated a few times. You could either rate the cards again to reset their steps, or just keep persisting, as they’ll go back to normal after another 2 ‘goods’.

Sorry, I don’t understand. What exactly does it say?

I did not change the number of learning steps while the cards were in learning. I have always had my settings at 25 min and 1 day. So the issue still hasn’t been resolved unfortunately and that is why I have been trying to adjust the learning steps after the fact of having this issue without previous changes to the learning steps before. Have you been able to see anything out of the ordinary in my decks uploaded to ankiweb?

This is what I mean by, “it asks me to change the options for two tags for that card.” I am not sure if this has anything to do with the issue. What I noticed is that the 25 min and 1 day setting working fine when it is in my CMED deck, but the problem occurs when it is in my Anking deck. Here is a screenshot of what I mean:

They both use the same preset, so it shouldn’t matter. If you’re worried, mark those cards with Again or use Cards>Reset in the browser and the steps should be corrected.

Ok, thank you so much! Also, I feel like the issue I had before is resolving on its own. I am just sticking with one type of option setting so I must have switched it before on accident that caused the initial problem.

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