Cards not fully synchronised between Windows and Ankidroid

Hello everyone,

I updated my Anki Desktop (I had the 2.1.35 version I think) to 2.1.43.
I didn’t really understand the meaning of the banner message about updating the scheduler but I updated it.
I installed my add-ons (Postpone card’s review, Large and Colorful Buttons and Advanced Review Bottom Bar).

I have noticed that on my Ankidroid version, some cards are not the same state as on Anki Desktop. Here, on Anki Desktop I have several reviews I can’t see on Ankidroid…
It’s like it’s not the same day. I also checked in the settings that the next day begins 14 hours after midnight on Anki Destop and Ankidroid too.

Has someone encountered this problem too… ?

P.S : I’m used to using postpone addon to postpone my reviews and I had no problem before Anki Desktop update to 2.1.43…
Actually I also uninstall the 2.1.43 and install the 2.1.40… The problem is the same.

I think if you check this option (in the 2.1.43 version) it will solve your problem

Read this about the scheduler for more info The Anki 2.1 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

Hello, my Preference doesn’t have a Legacy timeone handling :confused:

I uninstalled and reinstalled the version 2.1.43, and DIDN’T update the scheduler (I click “later” or simply ignore this banner message on the top of the window).

I checked in the preferences the value of next day starts at …

Also, in my Ankidroid settings, advanced, experimental scheduler is disabled.

It seems that the problem is solved on all my devices.