Time of the new cards


I’m a new user and I’m very satisfied by this app.
I’ve set the parameters at values that are axactly what I need.

The only thing is that the new cards appear a the end of the day, and I would prefer to have them on the morning.

I’ve cheked the hour of the parametre biginnig of the next day, and it is at 3 o’clock.
But it only puts the numbre of cards studied at 0 but does not make the new cards of the day to appear.

Did I miss something?

Thanks for your help.

“Next day starts at” in the preferences screen controls both when the next day’s reviews become available, and when new cards become available (if there are any to study).

No it didn’t.
But I found the solution.
I hadn’t the app on PC installed.
There is an option that only can be changed on this app.
In tools/Preferences/Replan the option use old version for ankidroid 2.14 must be unchecked

It’s all fine now.


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