Reviewer's card is changed at the time the day is changing

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I find relatively disturbing that, when I am reviewing my deck, and suddenly it’s 5 am, the card in front of me change. (In my case, the new day limit is 5 am)
I know enough about Anki to guess that it’s related to the reset hour. But I suspect it’d be a strange experience otherwise.
While I understand I could change the time, my schedule is not regular enough that there is a time that would always fit.

I don’t open a bug because, as far as I know, it may be the expected behavior.
I understand that it’s not possible to keep the same card object, as otherwise the scheduler would complain the card changed (which is the case on current ankidroid stable as far as I understand).
But it would be nice if, instead, we could just refresh the card object. Potentially the html if it’s needed. And not change anything from the UI point of view (appart from, maybe, the time on the buttons), so that the experience is smooth, and the refresh only occurs at the time I send my card for review.

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That’s probably caused by learning cards becoming due. The same thing can happen if you minimize Anki’s window for a while. Not sure whether it’s worth changing this.

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