Card types wont save

i cant save my card type half my deck is on (1: normal: fronttext+backtext+image+backaudio+… → backtext+image+backaudio+frontaudio+…) which is what i want it to be but the half is stuck on (3: card 3: backtext+image+backaudio → fronttext) everytime i save it goes back to card 3 and i dont know what else to try
when i try to flip the card it says “anki couldnt find the line between the question and answer. please adjust the template manually to switch the question and answer” i dont understand it wont save and it wont flip

ok im just realizing half the deck are duplicates of the other half how do i remove them???

The flip button expects to find the default separator line in the back template, which is this code:

<hr id=answer>

What do you mean by “it goes back to card 3”?

Try removing the duplicate card type from Options > Remove Card Type.

when i say “it goes back to card 3” means that when i didnt realize it was the duplicate. in the edit it says card type in the top and when i open it theres 1:normal:/2:reverse and 3:card 3 and when i changed it to normal like what the rest of my cards were it would change when i saved but now that i realize its the duplicated i tried to deleted the card 3 duplicated and they would also delete my original cards

i wish anki had more tutorials this has burnt me out just trying to study

i think after a day and a half i might have figured it out idk

You usually can’t delete a single card. If you don’t want card 3 for any cards, you need to delete that template on your note type.

[Manage Note Types] > Cards… > select it in the drop-down > Options > Remove Card Type…

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