Card reposition dialog doesn't support numbers over a million

Hello and thanks for the great product!
I’ve imported several huge decks from ankiweb, after what the new card counter in my profile exceeded a million. Now I’m unable to move a card to the end of new cards list, because card reposition dialog prevents me from entering numbers larger than 999999. Since it’s just a programmatic spinner control limitation, it would not be too hard to fix this “issue”.

If you sort the cards in the order you want, you can reposition them starting at position 1 to give them smaller, more manageable numbers.

It’s correct, but new cards I create after that will still have this large number. And, after all, current behavior is just inconsistent, don’t you think?

Maybe the complete solution to this problem would be to reset all existing identifiers to least possible in the same order and assign “new card counter” to max id + 1.

Yes, that’s what I’m suggesting you do - repositioning all cards from 1 will decrease the maximum number in your collection, and then Tools>Check Database will update Anki’s idea of which card should come next, so you’ll have more manageable numbers to work with. Anki could theoretically do this automatically, but that would result in a bunch of changed cards, and could cause data loss if people forget to sync at the start and end of a session.

Yeah, it worked. Thanks a lot )

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