New cards order

So I accidentally added too many cards from pre-made ones, and now they all start with 100000 instead of 10000. It doesn’t really matter to learning, but it hurts eye a bit.
How can I help the situation?

Using Tools > Check Database should solve this, as far as I can tell.

Unfortunately, this is of no help :frowning:

New cards added after deleting the accidentally added cards and using Check Database pick up positions starting from the former highest position number for me. Not sure if this guaranteed to happen every time, though.

Use the “Fast cards reposition” add-on.

1 - Select all new cards (is:new) IMPORTANT:
2 - Put in alphabetical order.


3 - Select all cards (New only) and right click and check this option


4 - when finished, click on Tools > Check Database

5 - Finished


You don’t need an add-on here. You can use the standard Reposition feature in the Browse screen to assign new due #s to cards. Once all cards are below 1M, Tools>Check Database should ensure Anki adds future cards below that number too.

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