When repositioning cards, can't enter start position greater than 999999

My Queue bottom is greater than 1,000,000. When trying to reposition cards, I should be able to enter a Start position >= 1,000,000 but Anki desktop limits the entry to 6 digits, so the greatest number I can enter is 999,999.

If you reposition your other cards to give them lower numbers, that should give you room to reposition those cards with numbers under 1M. You can sort by the position before doing so, so the cards retain the same order.

It’s true, it’s true. It just seems like a bug, that’s all.

The limit in the UI is smaller than your existing notes because Anki is allowing some room for extra cards that are added to still be given higher numbers, so the order is not lost. But the best way to solve this is to reposition, as then you’ll get more readable numbers anyway.

Couldn’t “Check Database” reposition all cards to lower their numbers?

Good idea! Sure, there are workarounds. I’m just griping about what seems like a silly programming oversight. No big deal.

I don’t think Check Database should be handling this, as there may be users who rely on their due numbers staying the same as they’re periodically importing material from an external source.

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