Field for repositioning cards is to small

I’m trying to reposition a card. The existing cards have 7 digits in the position field. It won’t let me type more than 6 digits in the reposition field.


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Rather than using such large numbers, you can reposition the existing cards with large numbers to use smaller numbers. After doing so, Tools>Check Database will tell Anki what the highest number it should use in the future is.

Not quite sure what you’re saying here. I have 10,000+ cards. They all use this long number format. As far as I know, I have never done anything to cause them to use anything other than the default numbering system.

I’ve repositioned cards in the past and never run into this problem. I haven’t changed the card numbers since then.

I’d have thought that whatever the maximum allowable length of that field is in the database, the field in the UI should be capable of holding it.

Sorry, what I wrote above is not correct, most of the cards have a Due number with six digits or less. But I still have over 500 hundred cards with seven digits. I don’t know how to renumber them and keep them in sequence. I still feel that the UI should be able to handle them.

You can sort by Due, then reposition to maintain the existing order but with smaller numbers.